Heal Betrayal Trauma: The Heart of a Woman Retreat


At Unashamed Unafraid we know that women go through a lot. The Heart of a Woman Retreat can be a powerful tool to help women heal. This year we decided to give back in our small way by sponsoring one woman to go on the retreat this year. Find out how below! Heart of a Woman is a retreat produced by women for women. It is a three-day event starting on a Thursday and ending on a Saturday. It is held in Wanship, Utah (near Park City, Utah). The retreat is unlike anything you have ever experienced. Melanie started the Heart of a Woman retreat in 2010. It is the women’s version of the Warrior Heart Retreat for men. Melanie brought Lindsay and Becky on with her to discuss how their betrayal trauma affects their relationship with God, what the retreat is/isn’t, what to expect, and why it is different from therapy or a vacation. 

“Looking back, I wish I had gone two years prior. I kind of mourn a little bit about not going sooner.” - Becky

“What I did not know coming in was that my relationship with Him [Heavenly Father] needed to be healed in order for me to give Him my heart to allow Him to heal me.” - Lindsay

(TS 13:45 - 15:45) Both Becky and Lindsay share a common theme of betrayal trauma from being married to husbands who are in recovery from addiction to pornography. They both said that the men in their lives hurt them and they could not be trusted. Although they have different stories both were left after these life experiences feeling like they couldn’t trust God either. (TS 23:50 - 24:30) 

(TS 25:17 - 26:20) How did you come to realize that your relationship was broken with God? 

Lindsay remembers talking with James about the frustrations and hurt and telling him about the anger she was feeling towards God. It wasn’t until the retreat that she realized just how broken her relationship with God was. (TS 26:40 - 28:00) Becky saw people who were at peace and it did not matter how many meetings she attended, how many people she talked to, or how many therapy sessions she went to, she could not find peace. She realized she was using distractions and stuff to fill the hole in her heart but did not feel at peace.   

(TS 30:45 - 33:00) Why does this event work for someone trying to come out of betrayal trauma?

“Betrayal trauma is one of Satan’s big tools that he uses to hurt women and he tells us that we will not be loved and we will never be enough.” - Becky

This retreat explains Satan’s tactics and shows all women that there is someone who will fight for them! God loves you right now, right where you are. He will fight for you with His whole heart! NO MATTER WHAT! This is what changed Becky and her recovery.

(TS 34:00 - 41:00) Why do I have to come to the retreat?

The presentations (10 sessions) set up the opportunity for the women to ask really vulnerable and intimate questions of themselves and to God in personal reflection. It is something that you cannot recreate on your own. The retreat is a very relaxed setting and is for each person to get what they were supposed to get from God. There is no pressure for a woman to share her story. It is not a therapy session. It is a time for women to get away from the routine of their lives and reconnect to their Father in Heaven. It is also a time for them to get pampered and not worry about everything at home. It is a place where women can truly mourn with those who mourn and to give other women permission to mourn. 

(TS 41:30 - 48:00) What keeps women from coming up? 

Lindsay said it well when she stated that everything boils down to fear. They are afraid of feeling inadequate and not accepted. They don’t want to be alone in just another place. The awesome thing is, they are not alone from about two minutes after getting to the retreat. They also might be afraid that God is waiting for them. There might also be some apprehension that the women will come back and change religions or feel pressure to radically change but that is not the case. This retreat only enhances the belief in God and gives them ammunition to fight the adversary’s lies. Also, it might be scary but the retreat is not weird. (TS 60:00 - 62:00) - The retreat is not about anyone else but the person attending. There should be no expectations and no pressure.

(TS 62:05 - 67:00) Where do we go from here?

Information for the retreats:

  1. Dates: October 10 - 12 (Thursday 10:00 am - Saturday 6:30 pm)

  2. Registration starts at 10:00 am on Thursday

  3. Signup @: theheartofawoman.net, Facebook: theheartofawoman, Instagram: theheartofawoman.

  4. There are cabins and yurts - Accommodations are comfortable and you are not roughing it.

  5. Delicious meals, flushing toilets, showers, and bunk beds.

  6. Use the code “unashamed” at checkout for a $50 discount!

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