Steve's Recovery Story

“As long as I was living a dual life Satan had a firm grasp on me.”

 “The good Lord spoon-fed me along the way until I finally had the courage and the strength to shove the last of the secrets out the trap door and close it. That was the hardest thing for me. My life has changed today. I’m a different person. I lead a different life than I did before. I’m a happier person.”

I first met Steve at the Warrior Heart Weekend retreat and Steve is indeed a warrior. All of our stories vary and each story of recovery that I’ve heard has brought me hope in a new way. Steve’s story is no exception and gives me an immense amount of hope. I love how he describes how change and true recovery came about in his life after many failed attempts. I know that as you listen to him you will feel his passion and healing and sense his authenticity.  

You can e-mail Steve ( if you have any question about recovery or his story.  Also you can comment here and he will respond.  

“My addiction started at a very early age, somewhere around 9 or 10, when I found pornography under my father’s bed…that began a process in my life of secrecy and shame.”

“In terms of a dual life, I was the ultimate hypocrite.”

“I found myself embedded with this secret so deep down that if I ever told anyone about it would just completely blow my cover in terms of that dual lifestyle.  So I just worked really hard to keep it under wraps.”

“I was looking for the perfect sexual experience, I never found it, because it doesn’t exist.”

“In July of 2012 I was arrested for solicitation of prostitution.”

“I was able to truly admit to myself and recognize, ‘hey I’m a sex addict.’ I’m not going to be able to fix this the old fashion way.”

“For the first time in my life I came forward without being caught.”

“My wife had an inspired thought and that was for us to move to Utah for 3-6 months so I could work my recovery from addiction and she could work her recovery from trauma…I went to a therapy, or 12-step meeting, every day for 12 weeks ”

“(Steven) You’ve tried to recover a lot of different times. What was it that changed this time for real recovery? (Steve) 10 weeks in I did a full disclosure and shared my entire sexual history with my wife…Until I was able to do that and get that out of my secret box, Satan still had a hold on me.”

“My recovery will end when I become my own customer, and just so you know, I’m in the funeral business. I’m happy to do that because it’s a huge blessing in my life.”