How to Have Healthy Connective Sex - Part 3

This is the last segment of our 3-part series with Corey Holmgren (AMFT) on healthy sex. As before, we recommend that you listen to all 3 posts in order; as it’s all one long message. I learned a lot as I walked through this model with Corey, especially about how sex goes WAY beyond just the physical act. As I’ve reflected on my feelings on this subject, I’ve recognized that it does run deeper than just my physical “needs” or urges. I hope this message will help you reflect on your intimacy and give you hope that greater connection lies ahead.

“The opposite of what we see in porn is actually what healthy sex is. We gotta do a complete 180 and I hope that this is what I’ve been able to show.”

“The whole purpose is to create safety and a level of relaxation so that you can create complete connection with each other.”

“Try to listen to each others’ bodies and stay connected.”

“Don’t make orgasm the goal. Just make connection, relaxation, and safety the goal. If that’s it, you are always going to be pleased with the outcome.”