How to Have Healthy Connective Sex - Part 1

A common theme I found in recovery is that I'm not the only one who had a lack of education about positive and fulfilling sex. The more I've searched the more I've discovered most men (and women) don’t get taught anything either. Corey Holmgren (AMFT - Associate Marriage & Family Therapist) from LifeSTAR joins us in a series to talk about how safe, relaxing, and fulfilling our sexual relationship in marriage can be. 

For those of us in addiction this is like, what? All we've learned is what TV, pornography, and those who had a poor sexual education taught us. Corey walks us through these, frankly terrible, ideals we promote in society and how there is a way to really connect with our spouse through sex, beyond physically. 

"It changed our perspective on sex and our enjoyment of sex. We've actually been able to not only turn it into something physical, but something that's emotional, spiritual, and relational. We come together and we become one."  

"[Sex Addicts] really do want something healthy. When a sex addict is trying to engage in sex, what they are trying to do is engage to feel connected. They just don't know how to do it quite yet. They are used to numbing out through sex, not connect through sex."   

"Our attitudes towards sex play such a vital roll into how youre going to be able to open yourself up physically, emotionally, spiritually, sexually to your partner."

"It's so fun to see their eyes just light up. Both the recovered addict and the spouse are like, "this is what we were looking for the entire time!"