Steven Shields: Rapper Host

( Steven with Lecrae & Andy Mineo )

( Steven with Lecrae & Andy Mineo )

Steven started recovery in April of 2014 with so much shame. One of the first miracles that happened to him in recovery was hearing another man’s story (Chris Bennett). It brought him so much hope and made him believe that recovery was possible. However, he found that there is so much shame around sexual addiction that no one shares. In one of his favorites songs by Lecrae ‘Outsiders’ he outlines how as a Christian, he will gladly be a social outsider for the cause of Christ. In adopting his mantra from Roman’s 1:16 Steven got with his friend Derek Sawaya and UnashamedUnafraid was born. Steven’s goal since January of 2016 is to bring hope and community to men and couples in recovery through sharing real, authentic, and vulnerable stories of men’s recovery to bring big hope to those in addiction.   

Steven is still on his journey of recovery but has found massive healing and change in his life. He has found strength in therapy, church, and being open with men and creating true bonds of brotherhood. Steven’s wife Kayla is awesome and they love to throw parties and be with people. Steven loves connecting with people and seeing them connect with hope and believe in change. You will likely find him on the front row of any Christian music concert, especially the rap ones! He volunteers with Warrior Heart, is active in his church community, and will graduate with a Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling (CHMC) in the Spring of 2020.  

James Willhite: Assistant to the Regional Manager

( James off fishin’ )

( James off fishin’ )

James joined the UnashamedUnafraid team in late February 2019. He is passionate about helping men and women find freedom from sexual compulsions and pointing them to healing in Christ. He has been a volunteer at the Warrior Heart men’s retreat and the Heart of a Woman retreat since 2014. His personal legend has led him to the UnashamedUnafraid team and placed him on the path to become a counselor and will graduate with a Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling (CHMC) in the Spring of 2021.

James has found great strength, healing, and recovery from sexual addiction and depression by cultivating a band of brothers who are also committed to the fight and have become powerful allies. He is married to his best friend, Kristy. Together, as they have put in the hard work required from therapy and a recovery lifestyle, they have strengthened their marriage into the best place it’s been so far… and it only gets better. James continues to work on receiving his validation from God, being vulnerable, believing he is enough, and trusting that God is good. 

To hear James and Kristy’s recovery story, click here.

Chris Bennett: Hulk of Hope


To have Chris and Autumn come speak to your church, group, school, clinic or organization e-mail Chris at:

Chris was introduced to UnashamedUnafraid by Steven when he came to interview Chris and his wife for the very first podcast.  HE has a passion for helping other men and women understand that no matter where they are in life, God still loves them 100% for who they are right now.  He has been to every Warrior Heart Retreat since the first one in June 2009 that changed his life. He then became the Prayer Team Lead and is now also part of the speaking team.

Chris has had opportunities to speak all over Utah, California, Arizona, Alaska, Ukraine, and in the fall will be speaking in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  He has spoken to over 7,000 people at many addiction recovery programs, firesides, and to all the wards within his own stake to share his story.  Chris and his wife filmed a video for that went worldwide.  Then they were asked by KSL to be part of a video that was aired between General Conference in April 2012.  Their podcast on Leading Saints had almost 11,000 downloads within the first six weeks and was also picked up by  So they are very open about their story.  

Chris has now been married for over 22 years.  They have three kids who are 19, 17, and 14.  They have a powerful story of the Atonement, hope, and recovery.  He also has over eleven years of sobriety from pornography and other women, and over nine years from masturbation. He continues to fight for his wife’s heart, his kids’ hearts, and his own heart.

Hear Chris and Autumn’s story by clicking here.

Cory Tanner “CT”: Lion Heart Editor


CT has had a passion for writing that was unknown to him until he attended his first WarriorHeart Boot Camp in the fall of 2014. He discovered his heart had been dead due to numbing feelings of guilt and shame through pornography and overeating. In the Spring of 2015 he became a member of the WarriorHeart team and has attended most of the boot camps as a staff member. CT has also struggled (at times) with depression but is finding solace in the fact that his Heavenly Father loves and knows him personally. CT Calls God “Dad” because Christ called Him “Abba” (which is translated as “Daddy”) as he was in the Garden of Gethsemane. CT works to create that intimate of a relationship with his Dad.

CT’s goal at UnashamedUnafraid is for every one of his brothers and sisters to come to realize that they are enough and they have what it takes ALWAYS. Since he started turning his entire heart over to Christ and his Dad, he has enjoyed a lasting connection (that is only getting stronger) with his Beautiful Bride and his amazing kids.

Jason Knoell: The Darth Vader of Audio

( You will sound awesome )

( You will sound awesome )

Jason found the UnashamedUnafraid podcast while he was searching for more skills and tools to aid in his long-term recovery from addiction. The UnashamedUnafraid team welcomed him with open arms (literally). He immediately felt at home here and was eager to help others to find the same light and knowledge he had gained from these brothers. It also didn’t hurt that they were desperate for an audio engineer to make them sound better, and he just so happened to have some skill in that area. It was nothing short of the will of God that brought them together.

Jason is dedicated to helping other men to realize that full, long term recovery is possible. He has found that rigorous honesty and connection to his brothers in Christ are the number one antidote to addiction. He’s convinced there’s no secret formula, and that the Atonement of Christ applies to everyone equally. 

That means you too. 

Jason loves his Father in Heaven and His Savior. He also loves his wife and twin girls more than words on a website can describe. Window salesman by day, an audio engineer by night; Jason is good at a lot of things, and only really good at a couple of things. He is unashamed of his addiction recovery and is unafraid of coming to Christ for Love and healing.