Dallin's Recovery Story

When I first met Dallin I never would have guessed he had an addiction in his past, or that he’d been through a divorce. It wasn’t until after a couple of months when I knew him really well that I found out. He’s always positive, really genuine and gets stuff done when it comes to serving Jesus. I wanted to share his story because I think the majority of men can relate. His recover shows us that victory is obtainable for the “normal guy.”

 “I just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time when (my addiction) started. I was up late watching TV . . . It was soft porn.” Dallin

“at that point my worst fears did come true . . . My wife said, ‘you’re going to go tell your parents and you’re leaving.’” -Dallin

“Well at least we know you’re normal.” -Dallin’s Parents

“Do what’s best for you, if you know it’s not working don’t sit there and try and make it work… if it’s not working try something different.” -Dallin

“Sometimes it takes multiple different try’s and multiple different methods.” -Dallin

“You’re still loved.” -Dallin

“The Atonement of Jesus Christ really does matter, the Atonement really can help with this, the Atonement really can help solve this.” -Dallin

“I am a child of God, no matter how big the sin, He is always there.” -Dallin

Dallin’s story wasn’t a fairy tale story, he eventually got a divorce and took years to become clean. Now he’s engaged, just graduated with a post-graduate degree and is starting a great career. I can’t promise you that everything will automatically get better when you start recovery, but I can promise that God has an individual plan for you to be happy. Don’t give up, even if your plan takes longer than you want it to to unfold.